About Talvi

(winter born)
Minimal statement jewellery.
Asha, Talvi's creator, designer and maker (pictured above with her horse Bluey).
As a mainly self-taught jeweller, she discovered her passion for creating unique, untamed pieces that capture the essence of individuality.
Although she started with a simple workshop, she's taken every chance to learn from skilled tutors to help improve her craft.
Now a teacher of the basics. Helping others to learn the art that she loves and to create jewellery unique to them, with significant meaning.
Talvi's name and launching collection were inspired by Asha's ancestry as a Viking descendant.
Nordic inspiration in all it's forms.
Ancient relics and mythology. Weapons, way of life as farmers on the land and symbolism.
Each piece is imbued with a sense of history and cultural significance.
Untamed, beaten & unique.
While the first collections inspiration was Nordic, Talvi pieces aren't stuck to that one style, with new ranges and styles emerging.
Being quite minimal in design these pieces complement any wardrobe style.
Talvi's pieces are crafted using traditional techniques and quality materials such as solid sterling silver and solid yellow gold (on request) to create beautiful and unique pieces.
Talvi offers Silversmithing workshops for beginners.
If you're a silversmithing enthusiast, this is perfect to start you on your journey with the basics, so you can take off and find your own style, just as I did.
Or just a great group activity, bridal parties, hen's, bucks or birthday experience.
You're more creative than you give yourself credit for.
Come and surprise yourself.