Finding your bangle size

When buying a bangle, it is important to find the right size, for a comfortable fit.

If a bangle is too small, you will struggle to put it on and take it off, if it's  too large, it can fall off your hand easily. 


Talvi offers 4 standard bangle sizes in S, M, L & XL. 

If none of these are your perfect fit,  get in touch with your measurements before making a purchase. 


How to measure.

Here's 3 ways to measure your bangle size:

1. Measure your hand circumference.

2. Measure your wrist for open bangles with a snug fit, hinged bangles or cuff styles.

3. Measure a Bangle that fits you well to find its diameter.

You will need…

A flexible measuring tape or a piece of ribbon or string and a straight ruler or a bangle that fits you well.


1. Measuring your hand width

Step 1: To measure the hand, position it as though putting on a bangle (tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand)

Step 2: Wrap the measuring tape around the knuckles including the thumb knuckle. Note the measurement at the point of overlap. This is your exact hand circumference/size.

2. Measure your wrist size

Step 1: Wrap the tape measure around the wrist bone, so that it fits snugly without feeling too tight or too loose.

Step 2: Mark where the tape measure overlaps. This is the exact circumference of your wrist.

Note: You can substitute the measuring tape with a string or ribbon and use a straight ruler to measure the length from the point of overlap to the end.



3. Measuring the diameter of an existing bangle that fits you well

Place a straight ruler over the bangle and measure across its middle from one inner edge to the other. The measurement in mm will give you the correct size in internal diameter.

If you have a bangle that fits you well, we recommend you measure its internal diameter and this measurement will be your guide as to which size bangle you need.

To convert diameter to circumference, you should multiply the diameter by 3.14 (C = 3.14 x D) or use an online converter